Seasons by Anastasiya: a high-quality product Made in Italy, inspired by the Vivaldian tradition.

Following the launch of her album "Amato Bene" published by the prestigious label Sony Classical, available both in CD version and on the main digital platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Primephonic, etc), the violinist Anastasiya Petryshak presents in collaboration with Bogaro&Clemente a project dedicated to those who love the music, the violin in particular, Vivaldi and the Made in Italy: the violin cases of the "Seasons by Anastasiya" line.



“Anastasiya is a very talented violinist with perfect intonation, a very charming sound, a brilliant technique and pure musicality”
- Salvatore Accardo -


The project was based on Anastasiya’s willingness to depict in design the music Vivaldi composed 300 years ago. «I found my inspiration in the words of the sonnet, from which Vivaldi also inspired himself for his musical composition of the Four Seasons», Petryshak tells us «I tried to transmit the Maestro’s energy while paying a great attention to the contemporary aesthetics, therefore connecting the precent with the past».

The line of violin cases will have four original patterns, one for each season, all designed by the violinist. The cases are fully handcrafted by the Bogaro&Clemente laboratories. The first season out is Summer.


Sotto dura stagion dal sole accesa
Langue l’huom, langue ‘l gregge, ed arde ‘l pino,
Scioglie il cucco la voce, e tosto intesa
Canta la tortorella e ‘l gardellino.
Zeffiro dolce spira, ma contesa
Muove Borea improvviso al suo vicino;
E piange il Pastorel, perché sospesa
Teme fiera borasca, e ‘l suo destino;
Toglie alle membra lasse il suo riposo
Il timore de’ lampi, e tuoni fieri
E de mosche, e mosconi il stuol furioso:
Ah che pur troppo i suoi timor sono veri
Tuona e fulmina il cielo grandinoso
Tronca il capo alle spiche e a’ grani alteri.

(Sonnet ouverture of the Summer Concerto by Vivaldi)


Bogaro&Clemente’s technology enriched by the exclusive and original illustrations created by Petryshak herself makes the violin cases really special.

All the materials used are of premium quality and premium technology. The external shell of the case in pre-impregnated carbon is processed at high temperature and pressure and then vacuum sealed, adding a 2 mm cork foil between the second and third carbon layers. It reinforces the structure and guarantees an excellent thermic isolation. The microfibre cover is wrapped in silk to add a luxury and protective touch to the violin. The high precision processes and the laser incisions on both internal and external Petryshak’s original design prints demand to the expert hands of the B&C artisans over 50 hours to handcraft.


Anastasiya SUMMER 11 Photography Amore

Every unique case of the “Seasons by Anastasiya” line becomes “the perfect home for your violin”, as the artist tells: «I fell in love with Bogaro&Clemente products. After a few weeks of work, sharing and confronting different prototypes, the first violin case dedicated to Summer, Music, Vivaldi and to life was ready. We thought at every little detail to have the violin felt loved and cared for!»


il violino di anastasiya petryshak incanta il quirinale


 Anastasiya SUMMER 10 Photography Amore


This product is really unique: each season is produced in a limited edition line of only 100 elegant and refined cases. Each case is numbered and signed by Anastasiya: the "Seasons by Anastasiya" line is exclusively thought for the most demanding musicians, to protect their most precious instrument.

Anastasiya Summer Edouard Hurstel



Firenze Nick Lecci3


Reserve and buy your case from "Seasons by Anastasiya" line:

Insert the coupon code "ANASTASIYA" when you checkout and you will receive a signed card from Anastasiya Petryshak herself and a signed copy of the "Amato Bene" CD in which the artist expresses her love for Vivaldi, playing the extraordinary Stradivari "Toscano". The CD, dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi, includes the Four Seasons and other works among which the Concert RV 342 recorded for the first time in history.