Interview - Seasons by Anastasiya, Summer

Interview - Seasons by Anastasiya, Summer

Made in Italy, inspired by the Vivaldian tradition.

Interview with the violinist Anastasiya Petryshak who tells us about the soul of the first line of extraordinary violin cases created in partnership with Bogaro&Clemente.


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“Anastasiya is a very talented violinist with perfect intonation,  a very charming sound, a brilliant technique and pure musicality” - Salvatore Accardo


1.     What are the “Seasons by Anastasiya”?

It is my personal visual representation of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

Fantasy and musical creativity motivated me to do more: not only to play but also to see his music. I felt a strong desire to paint the Seasons, to give a colour to the notes and a shape to the words of the sonnet.

Vivaldi composed his music by taking inspiration from the nature. He transcribed the images he had in his mind into notes. I tried to reverse the process, depicting what the notes suggested me. In a way, the Four Seasons have become the “Seasons by Anastasiya".

I created four drawings, one for each season, which will be printed on the violin cases. At every start of the season, a new case will be released! This exclusive line will be produced in a limited number of cases. We thought at every little detail, to make sure that the violin feels loved and cared for. The quality of the silk has been specially chosen to wrap the instrument and create the best conditions for its “time-off”.

I hope that these precious cases can inspire and touch the other musicians and their instruments. The ultimate objective is to provide the perfect "home" for the most extraordinary violins!


2.     Why Vivaldi? Why The Four Seasons?

My love for Vivaldi was born suddenly: it hit me while I was strolling with my mum in the streets of Ivano-Frankivsk, my hometown in Ukraine. A violinist who was playing on the street enchanted me, and I stared at him for a while. The notes that touched my heart so deeply were precisely those of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. On that day, I understood two things. I realized first that the violin should become my instrument for life, rather than the piano that I was studying back then! I also realized that my new “Italian friend” should become very important to me, him guiding me to discover Italy and becoming my source of inspiration thanks to his Four Seasons.


3.     Can you tell us something about the first drawing “The Summer”?

“Sotto dura stagion dal sole accesa”: this is how the music starts, accompanied by these words. You will indeed find in the drawing the most appropriate colors representing this exhausting heat. There are several details, which are specially chosen: the turtledove, the goldfinch and the cuckoo, busy with their singing; the flies; the zephyr wind; the wheat; etc. We particularly paid attention to the musical impressions. You will see fragments of the exact manuscript from

Vivaldi’s nephew, embellished with his fascinating calligraphy. Moreover, some solo excerpts “swing” around the painted violin inspired by the Stradivari “Tuscan”. These original musical elements give a unique touch to the drawing. I tried to transmit the Maestros’s energy with a careful eye for detail to contemporary aesthetics, thus connecting past and present.

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4.     How was your journey with Vivaldi?

Since I was a child, the Seasons hold a special place in my heart. Once I moved to Italy, a long musical journey started, leading me to discover further the fascinating world of Vivaldi.

Venice has been the city that I visited the most. I was sure that by breathing its air, by looking at its waters and palaces, I would have been able to experience all about Vivaldi that was impossible to read in books. My discovery journey with Vivaldi never stopped since then: I met important specialists of the Baroque Music, Vivaldi experts and musicologists with whom I had the honor to collaborate.

I tried to collect all possible information in order to build the most accurate picture about him and his music. In this way, I found my personal vision, my interpretation filtered by all the knowledge I acquired. Many years of in-depth study and musical research have brought me to paint a representation of the Seasons in my mind. I discovered such a fascinating world that I eventually decided to transcribe it into images!

5.     Tell us more about your cd “Amato Bene” released by Sony Classical.

My first CD had to be centred on Vivaldi! It has been recorded in the studios of the "Auditorium Parco della Musica" in Rome, with the "Archi dell’Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia" under the baton of Luigi Piovano. I played with the “Tuscan” Stradivari violin dated 1690, which is exposed in the Museum of the Auditorium Parco della Musica. I will never forget such an amazing experience.

This CD was my best companion while I was creating the designs of the seasons. The music of the Four Seasons further inspired me with ideas, colors and shapes.

Inserting the coupon code “ANASTASIYA” when checking out, you will receive a gift with your purchase, containing the signed copy of my CD “Amato Bene” and a picture!

Anastasiya Petryshak Vivaldi Amato bene Cover


6.     Why did you choose Bogaro&Clemente?

I put my heart into the realisation of the drawings of the Four Seasons, puting my interior world into them and taking care of every little detail. Italy is a country with an extremely rich culture and a fascinating history. Bogaro&Clemente was the most natural choice, as I wanted the best for my Seasons! High quality, attention to details, creativity and desire to create objects with a soul: this is what I see in Bogaro&Clemente. Such collaboration provides us the right balance to create an exclusive product, which will fully satisfy the violin and its owner!


7.     Which violin will rest in your precious case “Summer”?

The violin you love deserves the best home! In my “Summer-case” there will be my beloved violin, especially made for me by Roberto Regazzi. Yet there will be room for antique instruments such as Stradivari or Guarneri, on special occasions!


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