Shooting Bow or 3d contest


Shooting, hunting or 3d contest composite bows, made of european, asiatic and exotic woods. Laminated with unidirectional fibre, carbon and bamboo, exclusively handmade and by request customed tailored, created only with first-choice materials. Studied and (improved perfected) in the years, and checked for lack of vibration, opening fluency amd action speed. Employ of hi-level compounds also in our ceap range, increasing in worth by using precision woods and briar root, and consequently with laminae inside the limbs. Very accurate manufacture and varnishing.

Take down from 58" to 66"
one piece from 56" to 62"
one piece long bow 68" 66" 64"

The total cost of shipment will be communicated to you later on the basis of the purchased products and the destination.