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Our technology


In recent decades, carbon is the undisputed leader in the global sports landscape, where you have to combine lightness and strength; not everyone knows but 'there are infinite varieties of carbon. B & C has opted for the highest quality starting from the raw material.

Our enclosures are made starting from special molds designed to contain high pressures which are designed and manufactured directly at our headquarters.

A good product has to start from the base.
All molds that we use for our cases are designed by nostroreparto R & D and manufactured at our facility with CNC machines. These are designed to work at high pressure and simultaneously with the tire blank. This ensures high resistance and lightness of our carbon enclosures.

The molds in aluminum with skilful manual work, the technicians of B & C stretch the precious care carbonio.Particolare skins is given by the direction of the carbon fibers in order to evenly distribute the stress during a fall preserving the precious contenuto.Un process step patent provides an improved thermal insulation to avoid heat rush inside.

The fabric for the interior, like many other parts which are manufactured our products are cut with absolute precision by computerized laser cutting systems.
A perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology with which the fabric is processed

All the interiors of our cases are handmade by skilled artisans always using raw materials of the highest choice.

The types of wood used in our products are processed first with computerized machines of high precision, as a result, skilled craftsmen finish the piece flawlessly.

With over thirty years experience in the music field, and collaboration with established environmental acoustic engineers, our products are constantly evolving in order to meet the increased performance demands of our customers. All this without upsetting the classic lines of our accessories.

We use FEM simulation programs to highlight the areas of stress of the material and consequently its acoustic output. In this way we can design and dimension our accessories in the best way.
We perform tests on acoustic conductivity on various species upon which we rely to define the final design for the piece.
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