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“Atl-Trío Special Edition”

“Atl-Trío is an internationally recognized trio collaborating with prestigious record companies such as Hyperion ( ), Brilliant Classics ( ) and Naxos ( ). Its members are three exceptional soloists: Adolfo Alejo (violin, Mexico), Ana Turkalj (voloncello, Austria), Melani Mestre (piano, Spain).

The collaboration with Bogaro & Clemente was born from the appreciation from Atl-Trío musicians of the quality of our products, which led us to consolidate the relationship and the opportunity to have an excellent Brand Ambassadors in the Atl Trío.

The “Atl-Trío” line is an exclusive line of cases for violin, viola and cello, whose printed images are, exclusively for this collection, taken from the prestigious Blaisten Collection.

Here the Atl-Trío case for cello.

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