English Tailpiece

Blackwood - BossoBlackwood - Bosso
Blackwood - EbanoBlackwood - Ebano
Blackwood - AvorioBlackwood - Avorio
Cocobolo - BossoCocobolo - Bosso
Cocobolo - EbanoCocobolo - Ebano
Cocobolo - AvorioCocobolo - Avorio
Pernambucco - BossoPernambucco - Bosso
Pernambucco - EbanoPernambucco - Ebano
Pernambucco - AvorioPernambucco - Avorio
Bosso - BossoBosso - Bosso
Bosso - EbanoBosso - Ebano
Bosso - AvorioBosso - Avorio
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English tailpiece for violin made with extreme precision with CNC machines and impeccably finished by hand by skilled artisans.

Available in various woods.

The images are indicative, because the color and grain of the wood can vary according to the stock supply.

Not always all the woods are available, you will be contacted to confirm the availability of the selected product.

It comes with a tuner and the lanyard.

Ability to insert its own logo with an engraving by laser. In this case send a picture of the logo in B / N and specify where to add it by sending it all to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The total cost of shipment will be communicated to you later on the basis of the purchased products and the destination.