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The Bow Badger is a precision drilling device used to renew worn wood in the butt end of bows of the violin family. Also known as the butt bushing. It is equally useful in accurately drilling the screw shaft in new bows of the violin, viola, cello and double bass. On top of that, it is also used in re-bushing buttons to realignment. A great time-saving tool. A necessity in every bow and violin shop.

The Bow Badger is made in British Columbia, Canada by Turney Industries using precision CNC fabricating technology. They accurately cut the multitude of parts from a variety of metals which include high-grade anodized aluminum, surgical steel rails, threaded vice rods and the brass bearings, oilite bronze sleeves that adjust in the unlikely event correction needs to be made. They are hand-assembled at their factory. This tool is designed to last indefinitely as long as care is taken in storage and cleanliness, Butt bushings have been completed in as little as 15 minutes of actual bench time once the unit is set up. The bow shaft is held securely on four sides and may not need additional reinforcement to prevent cracking.

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